Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Ways To Help

I'm constantly being asked what can be done to help.
There are many ways you can donate to help IAAMTAA.

NUMBER 01 - Money Donations
Make a money donation to help with the cost of
shipping, packing supplies, items to go into our gift bags, and supplies to make items.
Most of these things I pay for out of my own pocket and it can be really hard to keep up.
You can donate by CLICKING HERE

NUMBER 02 - Sympathy Cards
If you have a local Walgreens, you can get 2 boxes (like below) for only $3
Each box contains 12 cards/envelopes, so that means for $3 you can help 24 families.

NUMBER 03 - Sharpies & Pens
There is a never ending shortage of sharpies and writing pens.

NUMBER 04 - Bubble Mailers
Bubbles mailers are always needed and provide good protection to things we send out.
I can go through 200 or more bubble mailers a week, so the demand for them is HUGE.

NUMBER 05 - Packing Tape
I typically go through 2 large rolls a week so again, always needed.

NUMBER 06 - Party Favor Sized Gift Bags
I use clear party favor sized gift bags for our HFLS Hospital Gift Bag program.
Pastel pink, blue, yellow, green, and purple are also good for this.
I typically make the bags in batches of 10-100 depending on what's requested.
These can be found at places like Target, Walmart, or even online and are always needed.

NUMBER 07 - Awareness Ribbon Pin Supplies
Small gold safety pins, 3/8 baby pink grosgrain ribbon, & 3/8 baby blue grosgrain.
We include these in all of our HFLS hospital bags and also donate them to other organizations.
I also use the 3/8 grosgrain to ribbon wrap tealights.

(You can order and get this sent to our PO Box at

NUMBER 08 - Tealights & Votives
We like to include these into all of our HFLS hospital bags.
White or any pastel color is great! Light scents are best.

NUMBER 09 - Small Crosses
Any type of small crosses are always needed for our HFLS hospital gift bags.
We understand that not everyone is a Christian, but think having faith can be a big part of healing.
Many Christian stores sale small metal or wooden crosses for around 30-50 cents each.

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